Thank you for your interest in the Work Roles we have advertised for the Salvage Takata Airbags Recovery program.

We are looking for a Field Courier in each of the following States:

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia.

You will visit automotive wrecking/recycling businesses and scrap metal traders in Metropolitan and Regional areas within your State.

You will advise them of the Takata Recall Notice and assist them in checking airbags in stock, or vehicles in yard, for airbags subject to the Recall Notice.

Remuneration is performance based, but we would expect a diligent person to be able to earn in excess of $20,000 (plus a mileage allowance for visits to businesses; plus overnight accommodation and meals expenses for travel away from home).

We are looking for people would meet the following criteria:

  • A practical/handy person who is comfortable working on cars and walking through a recycler’s yard;
  • Possibly Retired or Semi-retired;
  • A “self-starter”;
  • Good computer skills;
  • Vehicle able to tow a trailer (e.g Wagon, Ute, Dual cab)

You must also be comfortable with being away from home for periods doing country travel.

You must be comfortable using a laptop computer or tablet computer and be familiar with email, accessing websites and able to use basic word and excel functions.

You can register your interest in joining the Program here
You can find out more about the Program here
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